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Website Design London

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Back in the day…

Hi, I’m Phil Rivers, creator of
Website Design London is a post in my own words about my personal journey as a web designer, and the service I run today.

I started web design and development shortly after I sold my coffee bar back in 2015. Fortunately, I had a brother in law in web development, who ended up becoming my first employer once I became proficient enough with CSS and some Javascript. My first position was as a volunteer but once I could hit the ground running and prove myself resourceful, he was kind enough to pay me a minimum wage salary. My work days consisted mainly of converting Sketch/PSD files to responsive Html.

It wasn’t great but it was a start. The few years prior turned out to be a huge waste of energy, time and resources. Although I had made a loss financially, I was finally happy to be free from the burden of my espresso bar. Besides, my initial instinct was always a creative career but over the years I had fallen out of love with graphic design.

Web design and development had ignited a passion for creativity and an eagerness to learn; with it came motivation!


As I became more confident in my work, I pondered with the idea of running my own web design service from home or applying for a mid-level developer position. I respected web development and the ability to write code, but I also really enjoyed the process of designing and developing websites as a freelancer and overseeing the project in a manager role.

Up until the last couple of years, I had lived a life based on logical principles, which were based on equity. Perhaps it was time to listen to my heart? Perhaps I could be more productive doing something I loved?

Caravans on beach.

UI Design Collage!

Today I run a web design service from my home office in London. I’m proficient in UI Design, WordPress PHP, Liquid, CSS, SASS, Javascript, and HTML. For everything else, I outsource to my trusted team, which consists of one graphic designer, two developers, one webmaster, and a duo of content creators. Our values are rooted in UI design, CMS integration, and content marketing. Most of our work comes in the form of Shopify theme development, design to web conversions, and some WordPress development. We also do a lot of search engine marketing and Google Adwords campaigns.

More than anything I want this service to be rooted in good karma. I want customers to feel confident that we have their best interests in mind. This is why I implement a ‘try before you buy’ policy. Clients are able to have their websites built without the added risk of a deposit or credit card details. Once built, they can see it in action before committing to a payment.

We strive for long-term relationships built on trust and have found that this approach often filters through to the best clients. Have a look at our service offers and see if anything suits your needs.

We’re here to help and always happy to answer questions!


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