web design resources for beginners

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web design resources for beginners

web design resources for beginners 0 0 filriverz

Gems of wisdom

Web design as a freelancer is part project management, part marketing, and part customer service – not to mention the skill and experience. These are some of the tools and web design resources that I used when starting out, and continue to use in my day to day as a web designer.

I will dive into explaining certain resources in greater detail with a follow-up in the near future. For all intents and purposes, this is a very general list and is based on my own past experiences, but a fantastic starting point none the less to anyone seeking a career in Web Design.

UI Design

php function on blue background

UI Development

Content Management Systems

Fonts & Icons

Images & Mockups

twitter logo on crimson BG

Color / Colour

searching ui element on blurred BG with purple overlay


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